Creative therapy empowers clients by offering them the opportunity to externalise their issues into their art, movement, drama or music. To find out more about how creative therapy works, and who can benefit from it, take a look at the About us page.

Please take a look at our events page to find out what we have planned for the near future.

If you are a creative therapist and are would like to join us simply fill out a membership form and mail it to us.

Our resources page, contains both a list of publications that members can borrow and a range of useful links.

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Below is a list of our Committee members. A list of regional representatives is also included

Chair / Coordinator: Agnes Sigley
Treasurer & Secretary: Jacqueline Brand-Holt
E-Liaison: Madeline Campbell
Newsletter Coordinators: MarianaTorkington, Nicola McMeikan & Kathrin Marks
Library:Anne Hurst
HPCA Liaison: Caroline Miller
Committee Members: Agnes Sigley.Jacqueline Brand-Holt; Brigitte Puls and Anne Hurst

Regional Representatives CTAA.