Bi-monthly Hui

Creative Therapists’​ Association of Aotearoa  in Auckland  New Zealand

Bi-monthly Hui  
9th March 2017


Review written by  Maree Brogden


The inaugural CTAA Practitioners’ Hui was facilitated through an experiential group process, to be together to share insights of the self-in-practice for the selves-in-life.

I  :   U N I T Y

“Unity of the whole is a relational process”

At the heart of the growing community is the beauty of the practitioners’ process of,

“flow, noticing and intimacy

in a flowering group process”,

and as reconnection and symbolic-knowing,

the recognition of archetypal knowledge,
the experience of lightness and awareness of the darkness,
reaching-out to others,
that it is more than ok to experience a supportive facilitation process
when ‘on the bridge between two worlds’,
and respectively, our rites of passage.
And perhaps less poetic is the arts-in-research, facilitation process, developing theories in professional practice, and authenticity in a therapeutic process of psychological treatment.
An experience of the symbolic worlds  is to enter the depths of the sub-terrain of the MindBody, to know the bridge at the edge of the flowing river,
and that the geometric refraction of the prism 
as coloured light,
is of one light source.

The Challenge to identify core values: the Artwork, the Performance, is an experiential exploration of methodology. Practice knowledge contributes to the development of evidence-based knowledge, to inform the process of investigation and subsequent experiences of a treatment-in-process.

Celebration: ‘to celebrate who we are and like to be’, the celebration is also that

there are many faces in our world,

Nāku Noa. 

A welcome is extended by the CTAA Community to join and to attend the community meetings, to share in your experiential process of teaching-learning-knowing praxis.

It may be a story about a practice experience with photography,

or a spontaneous painting,

a visual performance or a dance of the fringe,

a published article and so on.


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